We WordPress, so we built our Services around it.


It is all started with a dream, a dream that has enough potential to encourage a student from a triable area like Dungarpur, Rajasthan to make a digital web agency. Quatervois is made possible by a student who belongs to the native Dungarpur. The student was our founder Hitendra Singh Rathore.

Hitendra has completed his college-level education from Jaipur, and after college, he has worked for the various IT industries in the area like Digital Marketing and Web Development.

It was the day when he attended his first-ever WordCamp (a community event by WordPress and its people). The WordCamp Udaipur 2017, was the first WordCamp he has attended and later that day when he was on the way home, he realized that there is a big community behind this awesome CMS (Content Management System) WordPress that can help him. and He decided to make a local community in Dungarpur also.

When he reached home and has a conversation with his few friends about the event, then he realized that none of his friends know about web development, CMS and any other stuff.

And immediately after that he approached some of the local college and school students and asked them about the web stuff, and there was a moment when he finally realized that no one knows nothing.

So that was the time when he decided to make them aware of the web technologies and other innovations that are going around it.

Quatervois is the way to reach those students and people who know nothing about web technologies and also it is a way to make them aware and prepare for the future.

At Quatervois we are dedicated to helping anyone who wants to know anything about what we provide and how we do it at FREE OF COST. We are always happy to help our people.



Quatervois is the only web development and web design agency based in Sagwara Dungarpur. At Quatervois we are dedicated to providing professional and industry level web development and design solutions to the small business owner as well as the non-profit organizations within the area.

Quatervois aim to represent Dungarpur as a technology-rich area by giving the industry level services to the small businesses that have enough capability to make their own presence in the eyes of the world. Also, we aim to aware our people about today’s latest technologies trends and how things are working together using various technologies.

Once we develop and design the website for businesses, it comes to promote those businesses on the global level. So, we also provide various Digital Marketing Services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), SMO (Social Media Optimisation), Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter Marketing.

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At Quatervois, we are devoted to contributing to the education sector by organizing school and college-level seminars about today's web technologies and other innovations like Artificial Intelligence, IoT and more. We constantly approach schools and colleges for this initiative.

We are more concerns about education than the services that we provide. As we are completely based on WordPress, we aim to provide free WordPress training to the students, as WordPress itself is an Open source platform.

So, students can learn WordPress development free of cost at Quatervois. We also have an internship program that focuses on industry-grade web design and development.

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Quatervois is an old deprecated word used to define “Cross Roads” or “A critical decision in someone’s life”. In simple words, it means “Turning Point.

When Hitendra Singh Rathore learned about WordPress, it was his life’s turning point and making his people more aware of the web technologies, that was his life’s critical decision.

As our mission is to make Dungarpur more aware of the technology, so ultimately, it’ll be the turning point for someone’s life when they’ll learn about these things through our agency. So, we’ll be the Quatervois of someone’s life.