Here you can find the opportunities to join Quatervois.



Once you find your suitalbe role at Quatervois, Send a simple email with your basic contact information to hitendra @ this domain. You email should not be fancy and don't include your past performance and college grades. Email should contain the basic info like your name, address and contact.


We'll review the basic details sent by you. and also we'll give you an assignment (short assignment). You have to complete that assignment within the time period given by us. and need to send the final completed assignment to us. Chance of selection is based upom how quickly you complete your assignment.


If your completed assignment is what we are looking for, We'll call you for a formal interview (not a big deal). If you are able to come physically to the office address for the interview, you are welcome, otherwise, we also have an option for the remote interview on video conferencing system (zoom, hangout or skype).


At this stage you are almost a team member of quatervois. Here you can tell us your expectation and in return, we'll tell you our expectations from you. Offer is always based upon your performance with our assignment, your past experience, and college degree won't help you here.